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Stories of Saints on Higher Ground

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Audio Dramas

“Twice Free”

First Audio Drama-(Running time 34 minutes)

Amanda knew what it was to be a slave.  She even knew what it was to see others fight for their freedom!  She was there as the slave catchers searched her house for runaways!  Listen as she tells her story of the struggle for liberty.  You will understand why she said that she was freed twice. 

Next Audio Drama, The Reverend Spy, is in the works!  Stay tuned for more updates.

Illustrated Stories

We currently have 9 illustrated stories from heroes of the faith. We are following a long line of saints who have put their trust in God and found that He was big enough!  The way is lined with light from the torches of those who have gone before.  We choose this heritage.


The Lord’s Dealings:  31 Meditations for the Daily Walk

When I thought of writing devotionals, I thought it seemed like I was saying I had it all together. If I do, I have forgotten where I put it! Then I remembered the title of George Mueller’s book, The Lord’s Dealings with George Mueller. These thoughts are my growth, my struggles, the lessons that God has been teaching me… The Lord’s dealings with Elizabeth.

We are now editing a second devotional of 31 meditations.  The next one, The Empty Barrel, is a collection of some of the devotionals from this website.  It should be available this fall.

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