And When They Saw the Star…

by Dec 7, 2020Devotional


I understand the excitement of the wisemen when they saw the star again. It must have gotten out of sight. Evidently when they stopped at Herod’s, they had lost track of the star. But there came that moment, while doing their best to seek the Messiah, that they looked up and realized that they were back on course.

I’ve felt that before—the moment when God’s light shines on your path, and you can see clearly. What happiness, as your spirit says, “Oh, I’m in His will. I sense His presence again. I have direction. I feel the quickening of the Lord!” In these days of confusion, I want to stay in God’s will.

I thought about one of the bleakest parts of the book The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis. Eustace and Jill had set out in the dead of winter to search for the lost prince. Their directions had been given as four signs to follow, but the directions that had been so plain now felt fuzzy when it actually happened. So much had gone wrong. They had been chased, captured, and taken prisoner in an underground cavern with no hope of rescue. It did not seem that anything could go right in the situation when it hit them that actually they were back on track. As crazy as it seemed, this place where they were facing the enemy was exactly where they were supposed to be. They had “muffed” or messed up so many of the signs in the past. But even though they were in dire circumstances, they were back to following the signs.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a sense of depression over the spiritual condition of a loved one. My living room seemed thick with oppression and hopelessness. When my little family went to prayer that evening, God came on the scene.

The song says, “Light and life to all He brings. Risen with healing in His wings.”

When God sheds His light in a situation, you can see. That night in prayer, God powerfully showed me that it didn’t matter how dark it seemed. It didn’t matter if my loved one had been chased, captured, and was in an underground cavern. By praying and holding on, I was on track!

See, thirteen years ago, God told me that the only way my family could make it is if I would fight. God didn’t tell me to have the answers. He didn’t say that I would have to know the correct words to say to deal with my children. I didn’t have to know the psychology of any of it. He only told me to fight. That was it!

Since God gave me directions years ago, there have been moments when I was not on track. Moments full of faults and failures. Times I was not really in the fight. But none of that matters. It does not matter about the past and what signs I have muffed. I can have confidence that I’m following the star right now.

Have you muffed the signs? Are you back on track? Do you see the star? Is it shining brightly now in your vision? If so, you can feel the victory bubble up in your heart. You can rejoice with exceeding great joy!

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. Matthew 2:10

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  1. Stephanie

    Amen! I love this beautiful analogy 🙂