by Feb 28, 2022Devotional

“O taste and see that the Lord is good.”  Psalm 34:8

I want people to see my fruit and be hungry for what I have.

When I was young, before there were microwaves (remember those days?), heating up leftovers was a different process.  We would come home from church on a Sunday night, starved.  My sister Rachel would pull leftovers out of the refrigerator.  She would ask all of us, “Is anyone wanting this?”  Rachel never wanted to eat something that one of us were wanting first.

I can’t remember these leftovers ever looking good.  They were cold and unappetizing, so we would all reassure her, “No, we don’t want those.”

Then Rachel would do amazing things.  She would heat this unwanted food on the stove or in the oven.  Many times, she would add extra cheese and do other enticing things that I as a young child had not thought of doing.  It would smell so good!  And it would look scrumptious!

We would beg her for her food!  We would sit close beside her in the kitchen and watch as she began to eat the most wonderful-looking things that we had just refused a few minutes earlier.  I will never forget how good she made the food look as she ate each bite.

She was always amazed that after she doctored it up, we ALL wanted what she had! 

Over the years, I have eaten many, many meals that Rachel has made—homemade, keto, non-keto, leftovers, from scratch…you name it!  And I have enjoyed almost everything.  She makes it look really good because it is!

Such a simple thought this week.  But, how have I done with the fruit of the Spirit?  Have I made it look cold and unappetizing?  Or fabulous, fresh, and desirable? 

There’s something about getting a fresh touch, a new supply!  It’s attractive.

Is anyone hungry for what I have?