Confessions of a Weakling

by Apr 27, 2020Devotional

This month, we tore out the old platform of our church. Most of the people in our church are either working essential jobs, or they are older, so I wanted my family to help. This is tougher work than I’m used to doing. I’ve always been a weakling with skinny arms. (My husband used to think it was funny to call my biceps “long wrists.”)  

My pastor is in his late 60s and has come through cancer that ate part of his vertebrae; he now has an eight-inch pipe holding his back together. But as I watched him with the pick and other tools (even an axle from an old Model T), I wouldn’t have known it! He can work circles around anyone in my family.

Another man, Lee Epp, who has been working in the church, has had multiple heart surgeries with a pacemaker, two stints, and a replaced valve. I just don’t have (and never did have) the physical strength these men have even though they both are older and have come through hospitalizations and surgeries. I’m a weakling! But I found that EVEN I could help bring down a platform…by not stopping! Little by little. I never could do the work as fast as the others, but I did take my part of the corner down. It’s amazing what you can do if you don’t stop!

 I love to walk and pray at the church. The next day after the platform came down, I was walking back and forth, looking at everything that was done. I was so sore, but it was worth it! Amazed, I thought, “Even a weakling can bring something down if you don’t stop! Lord, help me not to be distracted! Don’t let me back away by the lack of visible results!”

Years ago, we were singing “Hold On” at my church. When we got to the words about all the strongholds of the enemy coming down, God dropped down on the pastor’s wife Leona Wade. She was on her feet with one of my babies in her arms. She walked back and forth as God witnessed to us that He was going to bring down strongholds in our church! Now, my children are almost all teenagers, but I haven’t forgotten. There are still a lot of strongholds to come down.
I almost hesitated to mention my thoughts. After all, this seems to be a repeating theme. Like the needle’s stuck on my record! Then I thought about how the Scripture does not apologize for mentioning this same theme over and over. I keep coming back to strongholds that need to come down and not quitting. I honestly think this is part of the secret of why we are not seeing more victories! Like one of my favorite holiness authors, Samuel Logan Brengle, would say, this is the point when many of us fail. We waver. We get distracted. I may be puny, but it’s amazing what could happen if I don’t quit!

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season, we will reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9
Out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens. Hebrews 11:34b



  1. Elisabeth Hemmeter

    Thanks for this, Elizabeth. It’s a great reminder. My great Aunt is staying with us durring this coronavirus pandemic, and last night she came to my room to ask for my help with something small. I was praying at the time, and what she said struck me in an interesting way. She said “I could keep struggling, but it’s easier to come to you and let you do it.” Wow, what an example of my weakness vs. God’s strength.

    • Jonelle

      Wow. That’s powerful, Elisabeth!

  2. Jonelle

    Amen!!! Thanks for the wonderful encouragement. I needed this.