Cry of the Heart

by Mar 30, 2020Child Evangelism, Devotional

Joe Spotted Bear turned to his wife, Cecelia, and snarled, “I’m going to beat you so bad that no one will recognize your face!”

Cecelia froze.  She could not move.  She couldn’t think.  “Our Father which art in heaven,” her mind raced.  “Hallowed be thy name…”

Joe ranted and raved, but he did not hit her.  Then he started to slow down in his speech and finally said, “Well, I better go now.”

 When Cecelia went into the house, her legs were still shaking.  She said, “All I said was the Lord’s Prayer, but God heard and answered!”  God heard the cry of her heart.  (This is a sneak preview of the upcoming children’s visual of the life of Cecelia Spotted Bear.)

 I remember the time at campmeeting when I had run out of words.  I didn’t even know what to say to God.  How did I explain my problems?  Kneeling at the altar after one service, I felt like a lost, little lamb.  I felt desperate!  Softly, I cried, “Baaaa!  Baaaa…”  It was all I could think to say.  I stayed around the altar for quite some time baaing.  No one else heard; it was just a heart cry!  All I know is that day I prayed into the presence of God by just baaing.  The Lord reads the language of your heart.  Thank the Lord. 

 It makes me think of the story of the little girl who was overheard saying the alphabet.  When they asked her what she was saying, she said, “I’m praying, but I can’t think of exactly the right words, so I’m just saying all the letters, and God will put them together for me because He knows what I’m thinking.”

God knows.  He knows my downsitting and my uprising.  He understands my thoughts afar off.  He comprehends my path and my lying down.  He is acquainted with all my ways.  “For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O LORD, thou knowest it altogether.” Psalms 139:4 

“Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.” Psalm 139:6 

No wonder the psalmist went on to say, “How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God!”  This is a God who reads the language of your heart!


  1. Elisabeth Hemmeter

    Thank you for this encouragement. It’s such a blessing to remember that God understands what we can’t even explain to ourselves.

    • Elizabeth Hamilton