by Mar 1, 2021Child Evangelism

Have you ever been discouraged over small numbers? If you have sixty children coming to your children’s service every week, I am very happy for you! But I wanted to take some time to encourage those of you who just have a handful!  It matters!

Last fall, while I was being careful and isolating myself, I stayed home from church. It was a neat sight when I looked out my window to see the neighbor children at my house.  I told them that Abigail was getting ready to have Sunday school. We were still in the middle of construction and did not have a room for the middle age of children.

The neighbor children ran over to the church and patiently waited on the porch until she came out. There were a total of eight or nine children. I’m sure that would not impress most people, but we were thrilled!

One of the boy’s stepdad used to go to Sunday school in Mexico to a holiness church of our friends. We think it is providence that he moved hundreds of miles into our neighborhood, and his son and his friends can hear about God.

Some weeks we have more…some weeks fewer. Some years we have worked with these neighbors. Some years, it has been different neighbors. But the bottom line is that we are sowing seeds.

I have heard the seed sowing on my front porch. I heard one of the boys call out, “Hey! Tell me another Bible story. Tell me about Noah…or David again.”

Don’t be embarrassed if who you are influencing is one child.  Just do your best to influence and pray for that one child that God sent across your path! Don’t be discouraged.

One night, Todd stood across the street and talked for an hour or two with a neighbor man. The day before another neighbor admitted that she needed surgery but that she was afraid to die. I told her that I wanted to come over and pray with her before her surgery. Little things. Little doors. Don’t duck your head if it feels small and insignificant. Walk through all the doors that you can and be faithful. Praying always with all supplication.

There have been weeks when the room was crowded with children at kids’ hour, and I felt so encouraged at how God was drawing people in! Then, there were weeks that we have been tempted to be discouraged when no one showed up! No one!

Just find me faithful!

It is so tempting to look at the winds and waves and the circumstances going on–who seems interested…and who says they are bored and aren’t coming. Who’s leaving the faith. Who’s going backwards. Who’s leaving the principles that I have stood for. There’s a lot to put our eyes on!  But let’s put our eyes on Jesus.  Don’t be discouraged!


  1. Amber

    I love this! Sometimes I wonder what on earth I’m doing in this job but if the Lord will just bless our efforts it will be worth it.

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      You’re right! I can get my eyes on how inadequate I feel, but God can help right in the middle of my inadequacy! I am excited to see his strength right in the midst of my weakness!