Faith of a Few Close Friends

by Apr 13, 2020Devotional

Elmer Schmelzenbach tells the story of the young man who was accused of murder and was condemned to die in Swaziland.  His mother said there was no way that he had done this crime.  He had been with her at the time in question.  The young man was being used as a scapegoat for the gang of young men in the village who had done the crime.  Their fathers were the councilmen who had found this young man guilty. 

This mother realized that as a citizen of Swaziland, she had every right to go to the king and appeal the case.  She walked for days, refusing to be stopped.  She would not greet people or make small talk.  She had a mission—get to the king!  It was her only hope.

When she finally got to the royal village, she sat down and refused to move, eat, or do anything until she had an audience with the king.   Because of this, the king investigated the case and found that the woman was correct!  He set her son free. 

I have loved ones who have been sentenced to death.  I must bring them to Jesus.  Sometimes I don’t know how to drag them there, but the four men who brought their friend to Jesus only had to be responsible for a corner. 

There was a time when one of my friends seemed to be in trouble emotionally and spiritually.  I had no idea how to help her.  I knew that the way she protected herself was to pull away from me.  I couldn’t get past the barrier that she had put up!  My heart was broken, but I didn’t know what to do.  As I would be alone, I started praying, “Lord, right now…right now, I’m lifting up a corner of her bed.  I’m bringing her to You, Lord!”  Every time I would get the chance, I would take her to Jesus.  For days, I tried to haul a corner of her bed around.  Maybe I was only strong enough for a corner of the bed, but I tried to be faithful with my corner!  What joy when I saw God step in and take her out of that valley!

And so, I pray on for my loved ones.  I may only have a corner, but it matters!  I’ll just keep carrying it!


There was a man lying paralyzed.

He had no power, no hope in his eyes.

He lay there waiting for his turn to die,

But a miracle was about to begin.

Cause all of a sudden his bed began to move.

They were lifting him up, but he didn’t know who.

He could hardly say it, but he whispered,

“Who are you?”

And they said, “We’re just a few close friends.”


They brought that man to Jesus.

He had no faith of his own,

But when Jesus saw the faith of a few close friends,

He said, “Take up your bed, man.

Take up your bed and go home.”


Now, there are homes filled with children and husbands and wives

Who feel like the man who was paralyzed.

They have no hope they will ever survive,

But let the miracles begin.

Let those who are strong and those who care

Lift them up to Jesus through the power of prayer.

Take them to the Healer and on your way there

Don’t forget about the man and his friends.


Steve and Annie Chapman, “Faith of a Few Close Friends”

Used with permission




  1. Merilee

    Loved this: “the four men who brought their friend to Jesus only had to be responsible for a corner.” Amen!

  2. Stephanie

    I needed to hear this today.
    Thank you so much this is beautiful! 🙂

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      I’m so glad for God’s help! Even today, I’ve been trying to lift my corner!

  3. Deena

    Oh thank you for this. Very helpful for a situation I’m praying for right now!