Find Me Faithful

by Jul 16, 2023Devotional, New Product

After months of work, our family album is almost completed. Here is a preview of one of the songs and the dedication from the CD cover.

It all started with a prayer…

As Fran Hamilton was having her devotions in 1968, God spoke to her heart and said, “I want you to pray about adopting a baby boy.”

She did pray, and Todd’s adoption was a result of that miracle.

One of the two requests that the social worker had been given was that the adopted family should be musical.  With Ron Hamilton on the guitar and Fran on the piano, they definitely fit the bill.  The social worker said that she could not have found a better home.

She was right!  They raised Todd to love holiness, God, and church. 

When I married Todd in 1996, I loved my in-laws’ Kansan style. 

It is an answer to prayer that we were able to include Mom’s piano accompaniment on five of the songs.

Since Dad’s stroke, he is not able to play his much-loved bass guitar.  However, we were able to record Samuel and Logan playing their papa’s guitar.

After years of listening to his grandma play, Samuel has learned a similar style.  He has played the accompaniment for all the other songs.

I have the best in-laws in the world!  We dedicate this album to them.

Wouldn’t it be great if it all ends with a prayer?

-Elizabeth Hamilton

-Thank you, Bobby and Morganne Pickett and Merilee Barnard, for coming to Kansas to help us record and for spending hours, tuning and editing!  I owe a debt I cannot pay.

-Thank you, Carol Epp, for letting us turn your basement into a recording studio.  It was a blast!

-Thank you, Rachel Meek, your unswerving support and money getting this project started were a blessing!

-Thank you, Earl Perryman, for playing the steel guitar.  Now we won’t have to pay people to listen to this!

Musicians Credit:  Abigail Hamilton-acoustic guitar, Lexie Hamilton-ukelele, Elizabeth Hamilton-violin, Samuel & Logan Hamilton-bass guitar, Bobby Pickett-organ (by mistake)

Photo Credit: Leora Schenck As Logan told you to make us look good, your son Rylan said, “There’s only so much we can do.”  Come to think of it…that describes this whole album! Haha


  1. Brenda Shimp

    Beautiful. I am positive Phillip, myself and other family will want CDs

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      That is so sweet! We hope it will be a blessing.

  2. Nicki Woodard

    Will be looking forward to your CD release.
    God Bless

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      Thanks! We are excited also. A little insecure at times, but excited. 😍

      • Susan West

        Loved that preview. Hope you have it out soon.

  3. Stephanie

    🙏❤️ Excited for this! 🙂

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      Thank you so much! We are not professional, but we hope that God gets all the glory!

      • Rhetta Wheeler

        Wow!! I had no idea this was coming. The introductory song was beautiful. There’s only one problem: the kids have grown up so much since I saw your family last that I only recognize the parental voices. Who was singing lead in the intro song?

        • Elizabeth Hamilton

          So nice to hear from you, Rhetta! Abigail is singing the solo on the verses of this song. She wrote several of the songs on this album, and this is one of them.
          Thank you for your kind words!

  4. Charles

    Looking forward to getting this CD. Very beautiful.

  5. Roberta Sarver

    Wow, such anointed, beautiful music! Please let us know when and where to order this CD.

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      We should have CDs back in the middle of August.