Fruit of the Spirit

by Jul 10, 2023Devotional

Recently, I heard a group of Sunday school teachers discuss how they adjust Calvinistic material so they can use it.  When one of them taught on the fruits of the Spirit, they completely avoided the week where self-control was discussed.

Everyone in the room agreed that of course self-control would be taken care of if you were sanctified.

And I wondered if this were true. 

I didn’t speak up because I could tell that I was in the minority. 

My mind raced through the people I knew who were holiness and yet ate when they shouldn’t eat, consumed junk when they shouldn’t, and said things when they shouldn’t.  They tell how they want to get closer to God.  They want to pray more. They want to fast more.

I thought self-control would be a fabulous thing to discuss.  It happens to be one of the things I need more of.

Before the night was over, I was looking up the Scripture on the fruit of the Spirit.  Just what did God say about self-control and the other fruit?

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23

“The fruit of the Spirit…” or the result of His presence within us…the fruit He brings.

These are the fruit that the Spirit brought.  Ouch!  Maybe my friends are right. 

We are not striving in our own strength but are wanting the Spirit to bring HIS fruit.

My late pastor, Brother Tommy, used to say that if you needed more of the fruit of the Spirit, instead of just seeking the fruit, seek the Spirit.  When He comes, He will bring what He is.

These are laws.  Sow to the flesh…reap to the flesh.  Sow to the Spirit…reap to the Spirit.

You cannot sow to the Spirit and not reap.  It’s not possible. 

You can’t say, “Yes,” to God…and He not respond.

If you draw near to Him, HE WILL draw near to you.  It’s a law.

It has to work because it was the recipe God gave.

If you want more carnality, just give in to the flesh and the devil.  You will naturally have more.  Just follow self.

But let the Spirit have control, and you will get more fruit.  It’s the law of the harvest.

I don’t want to just assume that I have this fruit because I go to a holiness church. Lord, inspect my fruit. I want Your harvest.


  1. Melinda Heyer

    💖 a-man!

  2. Roberta Sarver

    This seems to be a topic we tiptoe around in our circles. It needs to be addressed, however. Thanks for stepping out and calling our attention to it.

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      Thank you.
      I want my eyes open when I lack. God help us!

  3. Nicki

    Very good devotional. You might find this playlist interesting. My husband took each of the aspects of the fruit of the Spirit and preached a whole sermon on each one. Very good truths.

    • Elizabeth Hamilton