Handpicked by God- Fall Theme

by Sep 10, 2020Child Evangelism

Three-Lesson Fall Theme 

Philippians 1:6  He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.  (We have the children do the same verse for the whole theme.  We have found that they learn the verse better that way.)

We had a little chipmunk puppet that helped the children learn the verse.  We decorated with fall decor (leaves, miniature hay bales, a basket of fruit, pumpkins) and woodland animals (stuffed animals).  Here are some theme, decor, and snack ideas.  Add a Bible story and maybe a character story, and you have a fall theme for your children.

1.  Picked- We are chosen by God.

We are picked.  God chooses us.  

Snack-carmel apples

 2.  Purpose- God has a purpose for our lives.

Not only does God take us out of the pumpkin patch, He wants to change us.

Pumpkin object lesson (not original with us)– Tell the story of Bob the pumpkin.  If God is going to work with you, you have to open your heart.  When you open your heart, you have nasty stuff inside (seeds of pride, sins…) God doesn’t want this in your heart.  God takes this all out.  (Scrape the pumpkin out.)  But he doesn’t leave you empty.  His purpose was to put something inside far better than what was in there.  When He changes the inside, (Bob had a mad face painted on.)  He gives you a new face.  (Cut to change the mad face to a cross.)  He puts His light down in you.  (Put a candle inside the pumpkin and turn out the light in the room.)  When you’re in this dark world, you can spread the light of Jesus.


 Snack-pumpkin cupcakes

Craft-Oriental Trading woodland pumpkin faces of animals.  They all got to take a pumpkin home. 


3.  Plan-God will not only change you, but He has a plan to use you!  He will help you grow in Him.  

Snack and craft combo-scarecrow sugar cookies (We put pretzels for the hair, a candy corn for the nose, and wafer cookies for the hat.  You can do it any way you want.) https://holidayspage.net/scarecrow-cookies/






  1. Morganne

    Very cool ideas! I love the alliteration. Is this a 3 week plan?

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      Yes, we did this once a week for three weeks. You could even split up the Bob the pumpkin story if you came up with details about his life. Week one, you could tell all about his life, week two, you could cut him open, naming what the seeds represent and junk you pull out of him. Then the third week, you could talk about the light God put in him. However you want to do it.

      • Elizabeth Hamilton

        A lot of times, when we tell an object lesson or story, we use things we know our children are struggling with. A lot of unkindness going on? Those are the seeds and gunk that God deals with in Bob and removes. 😊

  2. Merilee

    I really like this!! Too cute. The pictures help to see how you did it. Thanks for taking the time to share these ideas!