He Has the Grace

by Jun 7, 2021Devotional

Guest Post:  Abigail Hamilton

It probably was a week or two before my junior or senior year. My wisdom teeth had just gotten removed, and I was lying in the recliner, feeling very groggy. School was about to start. I lay there in the dark living room crying out to God about the situation I was about to step into. And despite the throbbing pain in the back of my mouth and the restlessness of my body, God spoke. “Abigail,” He said, “I have enough grace.” And I found that He was right. He had enough grace to sustain me on late nights of homework. He had enough grace to help me make wise decisions. His grace was sufficient.

Time has passed. I’m further down the road, but I’m still in new territory. I haven’t faced this part of life before. Now that I’ve graduated from high school, I’m in that awkward limbo stage of not knowing the next step. Should I go to college? Should I take a gap year? Should I pursue a mission’s internship? Should I move?

A couple of months ago, I was discussing future decisions with an individual. I told this certain person that I was praying about the next step in my life and wasn’t wanting to rush ahead into college if that wasn’t the next step. They turned and with gusto in their voice told me, “Now, some people always are waiting on the Lord and wait their whole life away. God gives you passions, now follow them.”

That probably wasn’t word-for-word, but that was definitely the jist of the message. But, friends, I didn’t and don’t want to get ahead of the Lord. I’m not wanting to face the Esaus in my life without knowing I have the Lord’s blessing.

God once again reminded me, that not knowing the future was okay. He has grace.

Lately, God has opened new doors. I have established friendships that I didn’t even have a year ago. I have spent many hours praying for wisdom. In the midst of me being distraught, God once again was so patient. He let me know He had power to keep me through whatever I was going through and had infinite grace that He was willing to supply me. As I mulled over these thoughts, Jesus so sweetly brought me these words…


In the darkest of nights

Where demons and devils are all around

Where sin has long had its hold

God’s grace can much more abound


When loved ones walk away

And upon this holy life they frown

When we’re asked to just compromise

God’s grace can much more abound


All the years the locust have eaten

All the years of captivity spent bound

When the harps are hung on the willows

God’s grace can much more abound


When the winds howl all the louder

And doubts and our failures seem to surround

It’s here in our weakness

That God’s grace can much more abound


Oh look up, my dear brother

May new hope and strength be found

For our victorious Father is on our side

And His grace will always much more abound


For He has promised He’d make us conquerors

That we could take back from Satan’s ground

Hallelujah! We are on the winning side

For God’s grace does much more abound


The day will come when goodbyes are said

And we’ll see our Savior crowned

Then we’ll shout for we have made it

By God’s grace which has and will forever much more abound

(by Abigail Hamilton, 06/06/2021)


God let me know He had the grace. I needed saved; He had the grace. I needed sanctified; He had the grace. I needed kept; He had the grace. I was lost and confused; He had the grace. In my ignorance, I made poor choices; He had the grace.

My friend, I’m not the only one. If you are needy, my God has the grace!



  1. Rachel

    There is peace in resting on God!! Thank God He giveth the Grace!

    • Elizabeth Hamilton


  2. Stephanie

    So beautiful and so true!
    He is always there in whether in dark of night or in the waiting.
    He is so faithful! :-)

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      Thank you!