He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not…

by Jul 27, 2020Devotional

I was pacing and praying in the women’s prayer room at campmeeting when I saw that someone was trying to get in.  The doorknob was turning, but for some reason, the door was not opening readily.  I went to help whoever it was.  There, struggling outside the prayer room, was a young mother with her eight children.  Some were in the stroller, some were beside, and some were following her.  My heart jumped to her aid!  I opened the door as WIDE as I could get it.  I was so happy she was there to pray no matter what her obstacles were.  She and her whole troupe came in.

Immediately, I was wracking my brain on what I could do to help her.  In my mind, I could see a picture of someone at the door of grace, and God so eagerly opening that door wide!  As much as my whole being would like to help a struggling mother, God’s heart is even MORE gracious! 

On Labor Day twenty-five years ago, Todd and I met at a wedding (Jeff and Dixie Weingard Epp) in Pennsylvania.  We spent the next few months corresponding by letters, until we progressed to phone calls.  We spent hours and hours talking on the phone!  The fact that we paid for every single minute that we talked is something that my teenagers cannot comprehend. 

I was a single teacher at our tiny ACE school in Indiana, and some of my students got a closeup view of the whole courtship.  By February, Todd was telling me that he loved me, but I still had not figured it out.  He mailed me a stuffed animal with a silk rose.  One of my young students, and also my niece, Audrey was delighted.  “Let’s play he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not with your rose,” she suggested.

During my next phone call with Todd, I told him what Audrey had said.  “You tell her,” he emphasized, “that every petal is he loves me.  He loves me.  He loves me.”

Many times, it has crossed my mind that God’s flower would be the same way!  He loves me.  He loves me.  He loves me.

The Lord has promised good to me. 

His Word my hope secure. 

He will my shield and portion be

As long as life endures.

Years ago, I read of a young boy who was kidnapped and then brainwashed to believe that his family did not love him.  I was so unnerved of this possibility that I started telling my children, “I love you!  I always have!  I always will!  If anyone ever tells you differently…THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!”

God has your best at heart.  He loves you.  He always will, and if anyone or anything ever tells you differently, they are lying!  He is waiting on the other side of the door.  He has asked you to knock and receive.  He has promised that if you will hear His voice and open your door that He will come into you.  Every petal is…He loves me.  He loves me.  He loves me.