His Voice

by Feb 14, 2023Devotional

I have spent several weeks thinking about the voice of God.

We have been working on The Reverend Spy audio drama off and on for several years.  It seems like we get started and then we hit a roadblock.  Last week we hit another one.  (Hopefully the last!) I thought, did I miss it?  Did I miss God’s will.  I had felt like we were supposed to do this project.  We have roughly $8,000 invested already. 

My mind (or maybe the devil) drug out past experiences.  Times when I had thought I was following God, and then things got murky. 

I have been pleading for God’s direction for several areas of my life.  Ever been there?

A couple of weeks ago, my brother-in-law Jim Meek passed away, and my little family headed to Indiana for the funeral.  On Friday, I ran to Goodwill.  We had gotten to Indiana the night before, and I had not yet seen any of the people from my childhood church.

Then that weekend at church, I saw my childhood friend Donna.  Donna and I go back so far that neither one of us remember the first time we met the other.

She asked me, “Were you in Goodwill on Friday?”

“Why yes,” I told her, “I was.”

She said, “I heard you.  I told my husband, ‘I hear Elizabeth.’”

But when she and her husband looked for me, I wasn’t there.  I must have just walked out the door. 

Not seeing me, her husband started to doubt her.  He asked, “How do you know it was Elizabeth?”

Technically, Donna didn’t even know if I was in Indiana, but she didn’t waver.  “I grew up with Elizabeth!” she told him.  “I know her voice!”

That Sunday, I told my church people in Indiana that I wanted to know God’s voice like that.  Another one of my friends from decades, Lisa, came up to me after the service and said, “I just want you to know that if I had heard your voice, I would have known it was you also.”

They know me.  And they know my voice.

One thing has brought me comfort.  A few weeks ago, my husband was holding a revival.  That day, my family met to pray for the evening service.  I was going down the list of everyone that I could think of from that church.  In the middle of my prayer, a couple came to my mind from a different church. I said, “Lord, help Kim and Kyle.”  Suddenly my mind stopped…Kim and Kyle.

Kim and Kyle could drive the two hours and come to revival.  I immediately sent them a text.  They told me that it was not convenient.  I had no way of knowing that the day had been rough.  When I found out how hard it was going to be for them to come down, I started giving disclaimers.  “I don’t know if this is the Lord’s will,” I told them, “but if you will come down, I will have beds for you to spend the night.”

Kyle had some hesitancy.  He is on the road a lot, and when he gets home on the weekends he does not want to go anywhere.  He wants to stay at his own house and sleep in his own bed!

They came anyway. 

On the way to church, my family was praying in our vehicle, “Lord, do something for Kyle and Kim tonight!”  I felt urgent that this was their night!

Kyle prayed at the altar, getting help that I have not seen him get for a long time.  Within a week, God had worked a miracle and Kyle’s heart was satisfied!

My heart was in awe! That was not a random thought I had…that was You, Lord!  You were speaking.

If finite humans can hear my voice and know it’s me, then we can know God’s voice.

God, speak to me! 


  1. Mildred McCarthy

    “Yahweh confides in the ones who have faith
    Shares with them secrets of old, so they say
    Dare I presume you would treat me the same?
    In your love, remember me…”
    (Remember Me, Steve Bell)

    These lines remind me of the incredible awe of the Master of the Universe… treating me as he treated Abraham, or Isaiah…. Confiding in me… talking to me in His own voice!

    The incredible promise of the Father… a Comforter to be there to speak to me about all of the things I am so unsure of!

  2. Doreen Hazelwood

    “What is man, that thou are mindful of him?”….Psalm 8:4a.

    Thank you for the devotional.

  3. Rachel

    Wonderful devotional!! Don’t let the devil tell you otherwise!!! Lord help me to hear your voice!!

  4. Amber

    I want my heart tuned to His voice. Wonderful devotional!

  5. Enza Casalino

    Wonderful devotional. I need to hear God’s voice often. God bless you for this needed truth.

  6. Roberta Sarver

    This is so appropriate. I have been trying to discern God’s voice this week in choosing a title for a book. Thank you.

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      I know that God can help you even in finding the titles of books! Thank you