I Choose Christ

by Jul 21, 2020Child Evangelism

“I Choose Christ”

New Visualized Song!

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Rhetta Wheeler

When I first heard of the family with eight children living in a bus as they headed to South Dakota to be missionaries, I had no idea.  No idea how much my life would intersect theirs.  As an adolescent, I was in awe of their commitment to God’s will and desire to sacrifice whatever was needed to be where they felt God led them.

The family grew to have twelve children, and we were able to visit them in Indiana and also at their house near the Lakota reservation.  The oldest daughter Rhetta and I became pen pals.  I admired her hard-working spirit and easygoing nature.  Years later, she and I would be single teachers together at our church’s small ACE school.

From that time around 38 years ago to now, I have watched Rhetta go through many trials, toils, and snares.  And she has chosen Christ over and over. The words of this song that she wrote are real.

I choose Christ over the call of sin

I choose Christ in these desperate times we’re in

I choose Christ to be my all, my all in all

I choose Christ, the sinner’s Friend

On His Word, I can depend

He is with me to the end

I choose Christ

Thank you, Rhetta (Carter) Wheeler for allowing us to publish your song.


 Meet the Artist   


Judy (Anderson) Simmons

Judy was a student at God’s Bible School when the child evangelism department needed an artist.  She started with tracing coloring books for practice.  Everyone around could see that God had given Judy talent.  She began writing and visualizing stories for the God’s Bible School child evangelism team.  The Revivalist Press produced and sold her stories.

In the 1980s, GBS campmeeting was an integral part of my life.  Judy was one of the big influencers in my world.  Her excitement was contagious as she told us continued stories in children’s meeting.

When God led me to write visualized stories, Judy agreed to be one of my illustrators.  She doesn’t just passively illustrate; she believes in the message with every fiber of her being.  I can’t think of anyone who has been more encouraging to me as I have worked on projects.  Her cheering words are like water to a thirsty heart.


Curious about who all sang?

  1. Morganne (Wheeler) Pickett is leading the Shelbyville Bible Holiness teen group at a vacation Bible School in Shelbyville, Indiana.
  2. Martin Barnard and his children Joy, Jaron, and Julia are singing in their home in Chicago, Illinois.
  3. Around the campfire in Crawford, Colorado, the youth at Y4C camp are singing on the sixty acres that God miraculously has led Mike and Kim Sayler to use for camps.
  4. Heather Dickinson is accompanying her children Mary, Abigail, Elijah, and Sarah in Peebles, Ohio. (Their years in South America helped them correctly get the accents.)
  5. The children at our Wesleyan Holiness Alliance Church in Independence, Kansas, hold the poster sheets.


  1. Stephanie Thomas

    That is BEAUTIFUL!!! 😀

    What an anointed song, thank you SO much for sharing that. 🙂

    And Hello to Judy! an amazing illustrator, who illustrated books for my daughter Sarah and I. 🙂

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      Stephanie, I never did figure out the best way to advertise the books you are talking about that Judy visualized for you and Sarah. Someday I will. For now, if anyone wants to see the beautiful children’s books with a pro-life theme, go to https://www.babybutterflybook.com