It Itches

by May 10, 2022Devotional

Sometimes it seems that about anything will spark a testimony with my husband, Todd.  Last Sunday, while sitting on the platform, he had a sudden itch in his back.  He sat, totally preoccupied with his problem, in front of everyone.  He tried to nonchalantly scratch his back against the pew, but his suit jacket was too slick.  He tried to reach the problem himself, but he couldn’t reach it.  The itch was just out of his reach.

If he had been somewhere else, he would have said to someone, “Scratch!  A little to the left!”

But he was on display, and no one was able to help.  Such a small problem, but it had taken over his brain.  Forget the service.  Forget what was being said.  He had an itch that he couldn’t reach.

It makes me think of the story Brother Charlie Cunningham gave last week.  Years ago, a woman would get up in church and cry and cry.  It seemed she was pitifully stuck in the same spot, service after service.

One day, as she got up and cried, God spoke to Brother Charlie.  He said, “I want to get her out of this spot!”

Brother Charlie said that was exactly what happened.  Her needs were met, and she came out of that depressing hole.  She was a different woman!

God knew where the itch was and how to reach it!

Today if you have an itch, God knows where the spot is.  It may be distracting you, hindering you from going forward.  There may not be anyone around you who can help.

For Todd, the answer came when he took off his suit jacket and was able to reach the spot with the side of the pew.  Sometimes I’ve seen the answer come in an unconventional way.  But as my husband testified, God can take care of what is troubling you.

God can take care of your itch!

“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith…” Hebrews 12:2