Mama, Shut the Door!

by Aug 30, 2021Devotional

Last week I did a lot of driving, and I happened to hear a preacher on the radio.  He was telling about the prophet’s widow in II Kings chapter 4.

This woman was desperate and went to Elisha for help.  Not only had she lost her husband, but now she was going to lose her sons to slavery unless she could pay her creditor!

Elisha questioned her and found out that she had a little oil in her house.  He told her to borrow as many vessels from her neighbors as she could, to go into her house, to shut the door, and to pour this oil into the empty containers.

Have there been times that we have felt like there were problems, things were dry, or something was wrong, and we went somewhere to find answers…to get solutions?  Some may have even gone to books, seminars, devotionals, and songwriters that do not believe the same way that we do.  They do not have the same emphasis on holiness and deliverance that we have had.  We’ve gone out of the house.

“What if the answer is in the house?” the preacher asked.

That’s a good question.   What if the answer is at your church or among your people…and you are out searching?

What the widow needed was the oil.  And the oil was right in her house.  She only had a little bit, but God wanted to give her more.

The preacher said that the vessels had no value.  The only value was in what was inside…the oil.  The oil of the Spirit is what has value.  It is our desperate need!

We cannot get our direction from the people saying, “Amen!”  We must not be stopped by those who disagree.  Whether people are backing us or opposing us, our motivation must be the oil.  We need our eyes on the Spirit for leading and drive.

Suddenly this radio preacher (I don’t even know his name) called out, “Mama, shut the door in your house.  Close out all the distractions and get the oil!”

This man had my attention!  He said that “Mama” needed to take initiation.  She should not wait for her children to get the oil, but to get it for herself first.

Before the message was over, my vehicle got out of range.  Suddenly, the radio was blasted with static.  I never heard the end.  I told my husband when I got home.  He said, “It didn’t matter.  You already had your message.”

And I did.  It has stayed with me for days.  “Mama, shut the door and get the oil!”  Some of these last few days have been tricky.  As I prayed Sunday, I noticed that the door kept popping open.

But I have a goal.  My children need this oil, I need it, and I’ve heard the message.  Shut the door!  Get the oil!  I believe that what we need is in the house, right here within reach.  

If you have followed my devotionals and shared this journey with me, then you know that this is a recurring theme.  I need to shut the door on distractions.

I don’t think I’m alone!  What would happen if each one of us “mamas” (and dads and single folk) would shut the door and get the oil?  What would happen in our families?  What would happen in our churches?

My heart says, “Yes, the oil is what I need!  The oil of the Spirit.  His anointing!  His help!  His power!”

And when thou art come in, thou shalt shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons and shalt pour out into all those vessels, and thou shalt set aside that which is full.  II Kings 4:4


‘Tis fire we want, for fire we plead, send the fire!

The fire will meet our every need, send the fire!

For strength to ever do the right,

For grace to conquer in the fight,

For power to walk the world in white, send the fire!

To make our weak hearts strong and brave, send the fire!

To live a dying world to save, send the fire!

O see us on thy altar lay

Our lives, our all, this very day,

To crown the offering now we pray, send the fire!

-William Booth






  1. Stephanie

    Definitely Amen!

  2. Roberta J Sarver

    Elizabeth, we heard Rev. Paul King’s wife sing the song “Send the Fire” many, many years ago as new Christians. What an anointing she had! Thanks for this post; it’s so appropriate. May we have the same anointing we saw among the saints years ago.

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      Yes, may God help us!

  3. Leona Wade

    So true. You are not alone. My heart says “shut the door and get the oil!”

    • Elizabeth Hamilton