Millions of Frogs

by May 1, 2023Devotional

A few weeks ago, my church’s Sunday school paper, “Grains of Salt,” had a story about a farmer who went to a shop to see if he could sell frog legs to them.  The farmer said he had a pond with millions of frogs in it.  The shopkeeper was amazed but agreed to buy several hundred.

A few weeks later, the farmer came back in sheepishly.  He said that he had only found two “scrawny” frogs, not millions like he had thought.  Those two frogs had made so much noise that they had sounded like the pond was full. 

The farmer said, “I was mistaken.  There were only these two frogs in that whole pond.  But they sure were making a lot of noise.”

The article’s author said that even if it seems that there is a lot of criticizing going on, it is probably only a couple of people.

I understand that.  I was a teacher for seven years and subbed even longer.  Two students who are disgruntled and full of negativity can change the atmosphere of a classroom!

But not only is that true, it is also true that two people can believe God in prayer.

Matthew 18:19 “Again I say unto you, (So obviously, Jesus said this before.  It must have been something He wanted to get across.) That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

I am certain that I have enjoyed revivals and times of refreshing that if I could have seen behind the scenes, I would have found that two people prayed it to pass.

I have reaped the benefits of the fasting and praying of two people.  I am sure.

Years ago, I heard C. Helen Mooshian talk about Nellie Cummins, a senior at Eastern Nazarene College in 1930.  Nellie started to pray and believe God for revival. A few of the students started meeting together for prayer meetings.  Not many of them. 

Day after day. 

One day, Nellie got a hold of God in prayer!  C. Helen said that the girl began shouting and saying, “It’s coming!  It’s coming up the road.  I see the ark coming up the road!”

Eventually others joined them in praying and believing for revival. Each day, this girl did not budge but kept calling out, “It’s coming up the road!”

Eventually, revival broke out that semester—the kind of revival that takes over classes and events and moves schedules to the side.  C. Helen said that the revival lasted all the way to the end of the year, even taking over the Baccalaureate service.

When I mentioned this at my church, the people reminded me of why a holiness church came to Wichita, Kansas.  Two little, old ladies, Sister Seaton and Sister Shaw, were sad they did not have a holiness church.  They started meeting in the park to pray.

Over and over, they sat on a park bench and prayed together, believing God.  One of them finally said, “I know the Lord is going to send us a church, but reckon when He’s going to do it?

They prayed until they felt they had prayed through.

Then in 1953 God did send them a church.  Their prayers were answered!  Not by millions, but actually just two older women who could not do a whole lot except meet in the park together to pray.

Is your church small?  Do you feel disheartened over small numbers?  Do you need answers to prayer?

This thought should bring encouragement.  It does not take millions of frogs.

Just two.

I don’t want to forget it.

“And Jonathan said to the young man that bare his armor, Come, and let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised: it may be that the Lord will work for us: for there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few.” I Samuel 14:6


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