Pulling out the Stops

by Feb 20, 2024Devotional

Last Friday, churches at many different locations met for a time of prayer from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., praying for a moving of God.

My little family met together.  I didn’t feel like I could pray all night, but we were able to tarry until around midnight. After a few hours, I heard my sixteen-year-old son, Logan, crying.  He told us that night, “I feel like if there was a list of people that the devil is worried about their prayer, I wouldn’t be at the top of that list.

His mind went to a pipe organ with stops.

Pipe organs have pipes, each representing a note.  When air blows through a pipe, it creates that note.  To manipulate this, organists will push one or more stop knobs, that will close off air to certain pipes. 

Johann Sebastian Bach was not only a great musician and composer, but he would test organs.  He liked to play a new organ by “pulling out all the stops” to see what the organ was capable of.  He wanted to play it at its fullest to see what it was worth.

Playing without all the stops is a tremendous sound with power.  With a large organ, when all the stops are out, it produces enough power to shake the building!

Merriam-Webster said that when you pull out all the stops, it means, “to make every possible effort or use all available resources to achieve an end.”

Logan felt like he had stops in his organ…places where the Spirit could not flow through.

It struck him that if the devil was not afraid of his prayers, there must be a reason. The reason was there was not enough power, like an organ where a stop prevents the power or wind. 

The Spirit is the wind.  That is our power.  No matter who you are or the size of the organ, as long as you let God’s breath flow through, you will have power from on high.

Last weekend, Logan felt like God told him what some of the stops were, the places that were hindering.  Logan wanted to make sure that the breath of God was flowing through the pipe of entertainment, his idle thoughts, what he read, and what he enjoyed doing. 

I’m thankful for times of prayer.  These times can show us when our organ is not playing with full power.  We can be located.

Don’t you want to pull out all the stops?

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