Reaching for the Light

by Feb 27, 2024Devotional

I saw the the daffodils coming up this weekend.  I’ve seen it before, but it’s still amazing to me.  

Almost every week in January and February we had ice or snow.  More than one week, I fought my way to work.  One week was especially nerve-wracking as I creeped my way through the little town of Dewey, Oklahoma.  School had not been canceled, but the road department also had not done anything about the roads!  A traffic light is at the corner of the local school, and vehicles were fishtailing as they stopped.  Four lanes of traffic worked at not hitting the vehicle in front of them since the light was red, but even the slightest tap on the brake made me and others lose control.

By the time my tense body arrived at work, I had prayed my way there.  And since I was raised in Indiana, of course, I was amazed at the way the Oklahoma road department had handled the whole occasion (especially as I passed multiple vehicles in the ditch)!

It was during the week of the most extreme cold that we discovered our furnace heat exchanger had a hole and had been letting carbon monoxide into the house.  The furnace was shut off, and we set up propane heaters and electric space heaters throughout the house. 

Unfortunately we did not know that one of our neighbors needed one of these heaters.  He froze to death.  It was a few days later before they found his body in his converted garage.  In light of that, the fact that the propane heater had started to warp my floor is unimportant.

I got so tired of the cold weather.  We’ve gotten spoiled with Kansas weather where we don’t usually hold snow on the ground very long.  Some years, we don’t even have a good snowfall.

The last week or two has been a mixture of cold and warm.  I should have known it was coming, but I was still surprised when I looked in the yard and saw green shoots coming up where there had just been snow recently!

The daffodils!  Of course!  I almost forgot how early they come every year.  I shouldn’t have forgotten, but I was still surprised.  I mean, this has been a cold February and now they send their shoots up toward the sun at the first chance in a break?

We tried to mulch this area each year, but it does not stop these guys.  They may be buried by inches of mulch, dirt, and leaves, but their will to see the sun is so immense that they shove through!

I’m inspired as I come outside each year and see the layer of mulch and debris on top of them as they are shoving. They literally shove it above them.

My pastor has said that as things have come to him, he has had a decision.  He can be buried…or rise on top of it.  He has chosen to rise on top.

When Todd’s grandma was a young married woman, she knew she needed to seek God.  She was not saved, but she didn’t feel any emotion or conviction. No drawing from God or anything! But in raw determination, she stepped out and did what she knew she needed to do, feeling or not.  Eventually the feeling came, and she was saved.

Are you buried? Feeling or not, start walking! Reach toward the Son!

Not so very long ago

I lay covered by the snow

With no sign of spring in sight

But now, I’m turning toward the light