Spiritual Bookkeeping 101

by Jan 3, 2023Devotional

If you dislike bookkeeping, you might not understand how the Spirit spoke to me in December.

In December I was balancing some books—which can be pretty interesting.

In accounting everything is always affected in more than one place.  One of the exciting things (and also one of the frustrating things) is that everything you do in bookkeeping shows up somewhere else also.

When you are dealing with a double-entry accounting system, and you have to get your debits and credits to balance, then when you make a mistake one place, there will be another place with a mistake.  It’s just the way it is!

Everything is inter-related and connected.

I had made one wrong journal entry.  Only one!  My mistake showed up further down on my report on liabilities…then further down the report on cash on hand total…and further down again.  That’s the way it works!

Isn’t that just the way it works spiritually also?

If something is not right in our lives, it affects other things down the line.

The Bible says to follow peace with all men and holiness.  Even if that is the only wrong entry you’ve made, it will affect.  It will crop up somewhere else.

It will affect our peace.  It will send leanness to our hearts.

But the really good news is that one correction solved all the problems last month.  When I hunted it all down and figured out the problem…when I was willing to search it out…Suddenly…click, click, click.  It was all instantly solved with an entirely correct report!

Isn’t that thrilling?  You can be so close, and maybe you can make one little change that could bring the victory.

Too loose with your tongue?  What if that was the one change to bring the right numbers on your report?

Is something cluttering up your emotions?  Something that God knows that you are too caught up in and wants you to lay it aside (or get rid of it completely)?

Maybe you have felt like everything, just everything, is wrong, and you don’t know where to start.  Don’t smash your computer and burn your reports in despair!  What if it was just one change, one thing that God had His finger on, and He wasn’t letting up until you corrected the numbers?

How do I explain the absolute joy when I changed the single journal entry from one account to the next, and suddenly it clicked into place?

When you are not used to it, things may be more confusing.  More than one bookkeeper has been overwhelmed before with keeping things straight (in assets, a debit increases it, but in equity, a debit decreases it).  But if you’ve done this for a long time, it will make a lot more sense.

You will be able to look at your reports and know something is wrong when you see certain numbers.

If you have walked with God for a long time, certain things start to stand out to you from ten feet away.  You will think, “No, I don’t want to open that door!  That leads to somewhere that I cannot afford to go.”

My heart is singing today with good news.  Not only can one thing affect here and here and here…but that also means that sometimes all you need to make is one small adjustment for all the numbers to click into place.

One thing!  Maybe that is all that is standing in your way!  Glory to God!


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  2. Roberta Sarver

    Wow. Simple but profound thought. You stated it beautifully. Thank you!

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      Thank you!