How can we do children’s ministry during THIS time?

by Aug 20, 2020Child Evangelism

The last six months have been…interesting!

In March, everyone’s world was vastly changed.  Ours was too!  Abigail made up Sunday school/craft goody bags for the children, but it seemed that the children were getting shortchanged.

Not only were we all mandated to social distance, but our church was in the middle of a major remodel, making space for kids’ hour difficult.  We carried on with kids’ hour a few times in our house.


By May, Indiana’s rules had changed enough to go ahead with Sunnyside (in my home church in Frankfort, Indiana), which is where we usually do our VBS theme for the first time each summer.


This summer’s theme was “Taking the Land.” (From Egypt’s bondage to the victory of Canaan. Haven’t we gone around this mountain long enough?  Give me this mountain!  Give me victory!)

(The inner-tube object lesson on the dangers of being bound with carnal self.)

One of the neat things about Sunnyside is that everyone comes!  Children, teens, senior citizens, and us in-betweeners.  I love it!  It puts a campmeeting atmosphere to a VBS theme!  Every year, God has given us help and His presence.  This year was no different.

Sunnyside is where Abigail was saved six years ago as a ten-year-old girl.  It was one of the altar services after the evening evangelical services.  We had all gathered to pray around two boys from the Shelbyville Hispanic church.  The boys had not been in a great place spiritually, and everyone could sense the seriousness that night.  The people cried, shouted, prayed, and pulled!  The altar service felt more like an emergency room.

As everyone’s focus was on these two boys, the Holy Spirit slipped up to my girl.  In the middle of victory around the altar for these two boys, Abigail prayed through!  No one even knew.

Abigail has had her ups and downs the last six years, but she has never been the same!  Her life was transformed!  She has never gone back and never let go of the hand of God!

There have been other victories at Sunnyside for my children.  There was the year that after an altar service, one of my children came clean with me.  Would I have found out about the trap that the devil had him in if it had not been for those services?  Thank the Lord for locating us!

The summer is over, and school started for us last week.  Sunnyside in Indiana, our vacation Bible school at the Gospel Center in Phoenix, and the theme we did in our home is done.

Another battle is over, but there are more to be won!

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.  III John 1:4″

(Phoenix Gospel Center pictures)

(Memory verse on a sack.)

(The egg object lesson)

P.S. What are your challenges?  What would you like to see discussed in future posts?  Object lessons?  Themes?  

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  1. Melinda Heyer

    Thank you for sharing!

    Loving with a pure love.
    Getting people to come back to church.
    Standing up for our unpopular beliefs.

    All of these things seem to be in crisis mode in our town. I’d love to hear or get insight about these topics.