The Wind

by May 2, 2024Devotional

Since I was in Indiana last weekend, I got a chance to sit in my niece Mildred’s Sunday school class.  She spoke about letting the wind of the Holy Spirit blow into your life. 

She told how each morning when you open your eyes, you need to shove your to-do list aside and get the Holy Spirit to breathe on you.

She mentioned that some people made their heart houses so weatherproof that the influence of the Spirit could not blow His breeze through.

My heart cried out for this breeze, this divine influence. I said, “Breathe on me! Holy Spirit, breathe on me!”

I understand this language.  There are several people in my life who can handle a temperature that to me feels stifling and too warm.  Different nights I will come bustling into my house and feel a lack of air.  Many times my children look content as I exclaim, “It’s HOT in here!”

I go from room to room, jerking up windows.  How wonderful when I start to get that cool breeze coming in.

I’ve seen others come into a church service where the spiritual breeze is flowing through and suddenly they realize, “This is what I’ve been missing!  I’ve got to get my windows open.  My house needs what I feel out here.”

Recently I had difficulty raising a window.  There was just so much in the way—blinds, curtains, a bed.  Frantically, I pulled things aside as I tried to get air!

I don’t want anything blocking my heart windows.  If I have to rearrange, then let’s shove stuff out of the way.  I want the air that lightens the atmosphere.

Every once in a while, someone in the neighborhood will think it’s time to burn. I’m not sure what it even is that they burn, but I’m sure it’s a prohibited item.  Such a stench saturates the entire neighborhood.  The odor really is TOXIC!

It doesn’t matter how hot the house gets, my family does not want toxic air blown in through the windows.  We will say, “So and so is burning something. Close the windows!”

It’s sad that the air quality has to be ruined, but even if that is what you have to overcome, get some cool air another way. Maybe circumstances have put you around something toxic…shut the windows and turn on the air conditioner. But by all means, get a breeze.  Do what you need to do.

Lord, change the stagnant air…change what is stifling the atmosphere.  Breathe on me!

“For I’ve opened up toward heaven all the windows of my soul.” -Johnson Oatman


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