Trials of Prosperity

by Jan 10, 2022Devotional

Guest post by Abigail Hamilton

Proverbs 4:23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”‬‬

Everyone faces trials in their lives. Everyone faces times of loneliness and insecurity. In previous posts, it’s been mentioned the times, especially during my pre-teen and teenage years, where I went through difficult times of loneliness.

Looking back, I do not really wish that things were different; God was working and molding me during those times. That spiritual journey is far more precious to me than friends I could have acquired during that time.

The times I wanted so desperately to fit in, the times I wished God had made me differently than He did, the times I wanted others’ talents, the times I cried many silent tears, wanting to have friends my own age that understood me…these were my trials of poverty.

Now, not poverty in the sense that I didn’t have money, a roof over my head, or food to eat, but poverty in the sense that I lacked things that I wanted and thought I needed. Trust me, I’ve known others who have had much more severe trials of poverty, but the Lord has only given me a very small taste…not a full meal.

During these short trials of poverty, I learned that God’s way was not always my way and that what I thought I needed wasn’t what I truly needed. There were times I thought I needed friends, when what I really needed was to learn how to trust the Lord.

But, I overcame during these times and my deepest valleys, looking back, are now my highest mountain-top experiences.

But what about when things are going your way? When you’re surrounded with plenty and apparent blessings? When success is abundant? When you have many friends?

After I graduated from high school, different doors of opportunity opened and many things that I didn’t have and craved in the past…I now had.

A week ago while in prayer, God revealed something to me. While in the past I faced trials of poverty, now I was faced with other trials—trials of prosperity. We might be tempted to live more carelessly during these times of plenty and prosperity. In fact, they might not seem like trials at all. However, the devil will try to use these times where our guard is more down to slip things into our heart that don’t belong there.

The Lord told me the key to overcoming during the times where everything on top seems to be going our way, which is the same way we overcome when things aren’t all fine and dandy. His words were, “Abigail, walk softly.” While I might not be lonely and facing a dark valley of depression, I need to be on my guard more than ever.

We might be tempted to hold on to hurt and pain. Walk softly. Guard your heart. Overcome.

We might be tempted to relax and spiritually drift right through the day. Walk softly. Guard your heart. Overcome.

No matter if you face a trial of poverty or a trial of prosperity, the key is to walk carefully and to keep Christ as your main focus.

About six months ago these words came to me and still are my heart’s cry.

Lord, keep me pure and keep me holy;
Make this old world more foreign to me.
Set my eyes on things that are higher,
Less of me and more of thee.

“Upward and onward,” calls my Savior.
“Hold loose to earthly things,” He commands.
So even if I’m lone on this journey,
May I be fit for heaven so fair.

It will be worth it all when we see Jesus
Life’s trials will seems so small when we see Him
One glimpse of His dear face
All sorrows will erase
So bravely run the race
‘Til we see Christ
-Esther Kerr Rusthoi


  1. Melinda Heyer


  2. Stephanie

    Very beautiful and true words.

  3. Sis Leona

    So true! It thrilled my heart to read how the Lord is helping you.

  4. Roberta Sarver

    Wise words for our day, Abigail. Glad you are aware of the trials of prosperity. It occurred to me recently while I was shopping at a thrift store, there was nothing I was so destitute that I needed right then. Still, I need to guard my heart–probably even more than when we were dirt poor and needed about everything.

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      I’ve found the same thing! Thank you for your comment.