For My Good

by Mar 13, 2023Devotional

I really enjoyed some thoughts that my daughter Abigail wrote:

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God..” Romans 8:28

God said He was working everything out for my good.

Not my comfort.

Not my happiness.

For my good.

He is working every day through His Spirit to move things into and out of place…for my good.

He’s bringing pain and trials into my life…for my good.

He’s organized a series of situations to teach me how to bear more of His fruit…always working for my good.

He’s planned out long, lonely nights and desperate, raging fights…for my good.  

He’s planted refreshing gardens in my path, foreboding mountains obstructing my road, and silent valleys in my way…all for my good.

He has shone a light to guide my feet and paved a careful, narrow way…for my good.

He’s let His whisper be heard, His hand to be felt, and His glory to be seen.  

Whether in my humanity I thought His way wasn’t always the easiest, in my spirit, I always knew it was the best.

His ways are higher.  

His thoughts are wiser.

He’s never failed to and will never fail to work all things out for my good.

My good.

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  1. Leona F Wade

    So true!