Waiting on the Lord

by Mar 1, 2021Devotional

At a revival this weekend, the song leader chose “Waiting on the Lord.” There was a shortage of songbooks, but my friend sitting next to me was willing to share.

“No,” I told her, “I don’t need the words to that one.” How could I NOT know the words to this song after this last summer? This song was strong on my husband Todd’s mind. He felt like God told him to make it his theme. When we went to Indiana, Todd led this song every single service! After the number of times that I sang the song, I learned the words. But did I learn the action?

Waiting on the Lord…like a waiter at a good restaurant waits, eagerly in tune to His voice?

Waiting is not always easy. Some things do not happen overnight. Vitamins and herbs don’t seem to do anything after a single dose. It is after faithfully putting this in your system, that changes take place. Practicing the presence of Christ. Walking by the way with him. Getting to know the Savior. It takes time set aside. Time set aside for waiting.

So many times as I have sought God with a need, I have not found what I was looking for the first time I prayed. But many, many times as I have stayed right there, God has come through.

This is the very point that makes me not that great of a cook. I am impatient. I try to turn up the heat hotter to get it done faster. Many things need to simmer until the work is done.

I need patient waiting on the Lord. Lord, teach me to wait. In a microwave-world mentality, teach me to get alone and let you simmer…not to rush through!

My phone has brought way too many distractions. I am right now seeking how to ascertain when I need to use my phone and when I can cut it out.

My phone is part of the noise…whether this noise is a background annoyance (like the old fluorescent lights in our classrooms that buzzed and got on our nerves) or like when the department stores get the music too loud, making it so overwhelming that it is hard for you to even think.

In 2021, if I am going to wait on the Lord, I am going to set aside distractions. (The phone may need to be left somewhere else while I pray.) Pushing out the distractions. Waiting on the Lord…waiting. Not rushing off. Quieting my mind before God!

Waiting on the Lord, for the promise given;
Waiting on the Lord, to send from Heaven;
Waiting on the Lord, by our faith receiving;
Waiting in the upper room.
-Charles F. Weigle, 1903

Would you like to join me in waiting on the Lord?

photo credit:  Leora Schenck


  1. Leona Wade

    I enjoy your blogs so much. Thanks.

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      Thank the Lord for His help!