What Do You Want Me To Sing?

by Dec 28, 2020Devotional

Larry Freeman, when pastoring in Florida, had several older people in his congregation. One of these was Emma, an older woman who lived alone. Her son was a friend of Larry, and he called, troubled. A break in had happened at his mom’s house, and somehow the police had been alerted. Larry’s friend lived a distance away, and he wanted Larry to go check the situation out.

When Larry showed up at Emma’s house, the police were there. Sure enough, they could see where a screen had been cut, allowing someone to get in.

Larry sat down near the older lady and began to question her. “Emma, did you hear anything last night?”

“I sure did!” she answered.

She had the policeman and Larry’s attention. Larry asked, “What did you hear?”

She said, “I heard God.”

Larry’s eyes got wider. He said, “You did? What did God say?”

She said, “He said, ‘Sing!’ So, I sang…’The Longer I Serve Him the Sweeter He Grows.’ Then He said, ‘Sing louder!’”

The policeman and Larry looked at each other. Larry said, “I can picture what happened. This old boy was in the middle of breaking in when suddenly he heard the song, and he got out of there!”

Wouldn’t you like to live where when God says, “Sing,” you say, “What do you want me to sing?” And when He says, “Sing louder,” you say, “Yes, Lord.”

I am one of those people who struggle finding the will of God. I have several projects going on, and I desperately want direction. I want to hear God’s voice next year even better than I did last year, but I believe that starts with walking more carefully in what I already know.

It makes me think of when my husband, Todd, was asking God for more love. God told him, “Use the love I already gave you.”

And Todd said, “Ouch!”

When we obey the checks of the Spirit in the small things that we already know, we can receive more light. When we start our conversations with, “Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but…” we probably are overriding a check. When we are reading a news article, and it comes to us, “Maybe I’ve already been on this topic long enough…” Little things.

Sometimes the voice in my life has been so quiet and gentle, that I have been able to ignore it, if I was not careful. But if I will walk softly, God will lead me in 2021 to a closer place at His side. A place where He knows He can whisper, “Sing!” And I can say, “What do you want me to sing?”

And the LORD came, and stood, and called as at other times, Samuel, Samuel. Then Samuel answered, speak; for thy servant heareth… I Samuel 3:10

So I heard the Savior calling,
Come thou weary one away,
And my answer quickly followed,
Lord, I’m coming home today;
Now His loving arms are round me,
And my head is on His breast,
While I catch His faintest whisper,
And my spirit is at rest.
-Beverly Carradine (1848-1931)