Wood Putty

by Sep 5, 2023Devotional

(Abigail Hamilton)

When I was twelve years old, I felt like God had called me to ministry, but I felt like I wasn’t doing anything.  It seemed that God was saying, “Wait.  Now is not the time.”

I waited and waited.  I went through school. 

Then I graduated from high school.  I was ready to “conquer the world.”  I wanted to get out and do something, but I didn’t know what direction to go. 

I had various opportunities, and people were talking to me about what I could do next in life. Some people wanted me to move to Indiana. Some people wanted me to move to India.  There were all these things going on.  I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

The summer I graduated, I went to Bible Missionary General Camp.  I was praying at my seat when God spoke to me, “What is about to take place is not at all what you thought was going to take place.” 

He told me, “You’re going to be like Brengle.”

I knew of the time when instead of (Samuel Logan) Brengle being on the frontlines of the Salvation Army, they sent him down to the basement to shine shoes.  God said, “That’s what is going to happen to you.  You are not going to be on the front lines. I want you to go down into the basement. I have some lessons to teach you before you can be useful.”

God has been faithfully teaching me lessons for the past two years. Lessons about giving of myself when I would have liked to have run away.  To give of myself and care when giving and caring were not comfortable.  How to be passed over.  What to do when my spirit wanted to be critical.  How not to chafe.

Last June, I thought, “Basement time is over.  It is time to go.” But that is not what God wanted.

God wanted me to be wood putty.  I was not the whole panel, the whole wall, or floor…but the wood putty.  I was coming along and filling in little cracks that no one noticed.  That was what God had in mind.

He has told me, “You know, I’m writing your story.  Is it still fine if I’m writing your story?  You can take the pen back, and you can write your story how you think things need to happen.  But can I write your story?”

A long time ago, I gave God the pen. Today, I am not taking it back. I will be wood putty if that is what He wants.

He can write the story.


  1. Margaret Heilman

    I did not notice Abigail had written this devotional until I hit ‘Read more’. But no matter who wrote it, it resonated with me just now. Here I am, now I am 90, and
    God’s chisel is still chipping away! Not a complaint, believe me. Ever since I recognized that He is filling the role of parent, something I never had, my relationship with Him is richer, and I can sincerely say “Thank You”, even when chastised. Going through some refining, but He is the Construction Engineer, so He will follow His blueprint for me, in His time and His way, all for my good and His Glory! Praise His Holy Name!

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      That is exciting that He does not give up and He continues to work with us! It’s a wonderful thought that He is working on us as a parent.

  2. T Hallam

    Wood putty makes a beautiful difference and so are you Abigail!

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      Thank you!

  3. Stephanie

    This is so beautiful and true!

    • Elizabeth Hamilton