Words of Life

by Mar 19, 2024Devotional

He was all smiles as he entered my office.  He let me know immediately that he was not alone but that he came with Jesus.

Since that is not the average response, he had my interest.

He stopped and conspiratorially asked, “Do you believe in Jesus?”

“Absolutely!” I reassured him.

It took me a long time to even find out what his business was as he had dove into his life, his dysfunctional family growing up, his church, and his recent pain at losing his wife. Like a pendulum, he apologized when he used bad language and inappropriate words…and then went to tears as he thought of God’s plan in his life, helping homeless people.  He told me of the times since the death of his beloved wife that she has come back to visit him.

I didn’t really know what to say, until he told me how he had gotten direction.  He was instructed to get his Bible out (I guess from storage) and put it on the seat beside him in his vehicle.

“Oh good!” I told him, “So you have been able to spend more time reading the Bible?”

“Oh no!” he quickly said.  “I don’t read it.  I just keep it on the seat by me.  Everything I need to know He tells me directly.”

I was disappointed to find that his Bible was similar to a good-luck charm, or a rabbit’s foot, in his car.

I like to get instruction from God and feel a connection going from me to Him. But I get nervous when our religion does not include the Bible. It’s dangerous to get away from the Word—to depend solely on your impressions. 

In my own life, I have found that my impressions can be from God…and they can just be from myself.  But the Word of God is solid, unchangeable.

The vibrant relationship that this man felt like he had with God could not be double checked with the second witness…the Word. His language and other things in his life could not be corrected because it was not grounded in the Word.

“For the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the hearts.” Hebrews 4:12

He said that he had read the book of Matthew once.  I encouraged him to go on to the rest of the Gospels.  He said that he would think about it. 

I have a friend who the Bible used to be a foreign book to her.  She grew up with it stuffed in a buffet cabinet. Her house included turmoil and godlessness.

Then when she was an adult, she got an infection and a dangerously high fever. The doctors thought she was going to have to have emergency surgery.

Lying in the hospital, so sick, she reached over and found the Gideon Bible.  Reading was not her strength, but she found words about how a man named Jesus had healed a leper.  “Maybe He could do this for me,” crossed her mind.

A preacher came in and prayed.  She was instantaneously healed! She felt like a sword lifted out of her body, and it was gone! Gone!

She still struggled for years to understand the Bible.  It was a chore to read.

A few weeks back, she started requesting prayer privately to her friends and even publicly at our church that God would help her.  She wanted to read the Bible, but she was having a hard time.  She was struggling, but she had a strong desire. She said that she didn’t understand what a lot of the words meant.

I assured my friend that I don’t understand everything I read either.

Many people have struggled with reading the Bible, but I don’t remember any of them who brought this need before their church people and friends.

A couple weeks went by, and my friend was bubbling over.  She was almost shouting, “I have been reading the Bible, and I am getting so much out of it!  I want to read MORE and MORE and MORE!”  I could hear the hunger in her voice. 

I felt like I was witnessing a miracle right before my eyes.  She had sincerely desired to have the Bible open up to her, and God had granted her request. Once again today, my friend has told me how wonderful the Bible has grown to be to her.  It’s not a good-luck charm that she puts near her.  It’s words of life.  It has come alive.

“Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the Scriptures.” Luke 24:45

How blessed I’ve been to sit under preaching where the Word of God has been quoted and expounded on.  I’ve been in Bible studies and Sunday school classes that have kept me on track. There’s nothing like when God opens your understanding on a passage of Scripture and makes it yours!

Lord, give me more of Your Word!