The Dream…Audio Drama

The Reverend Spy

When Dan Phillips, a young minister, promises to do anything to serve his country at the start of World War II, he has no idea how much that will cost him and his family. 

Wanting to help, Dan tries to enlist in the army but is rejected.  Then a mysterious stranger gives him an offer to assist in a way far beyond anything he could have imagined!  Join him as his life is turned upside down for the cause of freedom.


Although many people have thought The Reverend Spy was the true story from David P. Denton’s life (including his closest friends), he never would confirm or deny that.  While many of the places occur in Tennessee, Rev. Denton leaves the exact locations a mystery.  We have done our best to fill in possible names for these towns (and even the names of some of the characters in this story) to make it flow.  Our ideas may or may not be correct.

This has been a long journey for us!

Over three years ago, we started adapting for audio drama the true story of The Reverend Spy, by D. P. Denton.  We had just finished the audio drama of the freedom of Amanda Smith (who later went on to be an world-wide evangelist).  We knew that The Reverend Spy would be a bigger project.

We were right!

Time after time we would hit a speed bump and think we were stopped, but each time, the project would go on!

We have so many people who have helped make this a reality.   Thank the Lord for sponsors like Austin Peachey, David Hazelwood, and Victory Chapel Church who have helped! 

If you believe in this project and would like to partner with us, contact us.

To get a copy of the printed book, contact: 

Bible Missionary Church Bookstore

3501 46th Ave.

Rock Island, IL  61201

To get a copy of the unabridged audio book contact:

Duncan Prior



Bobby Pickett and Nomad Studios

Thank you to Bobby Pickett for the use of his recording studio.  He has spearheaded this project–editing, marketing, recording, and much more.  

To see other projects that Bobby and Merilee have recorded, go here and listen to These Saints and Our Generation