Our Idea

 As we were producing the audio drama, Twice Free, we kept wondering, “How will this go over? Will we be able to sell this idea to people of having holiness audio drama? Will we be able to produce more?”

 Then IHC got cancelled… And churches stopped meeting…And we wondered if we could recoup our costs. Our marketing had to go word of mouth only!

 Thank the Lord for word of mouth! 



 We have covered our costs for the audio drama Twice Free, and we are now working on the next audio, The Reverend Spy. 

We have recorded the raw voices, and Bobby Pickett has teamed up with Merilee Barnard to start the long process of editing and putting in sound effects and music.  Please pray that God will help this project.  We are aware that we need God’s help!


Bobby Pickett and Nomad Studios

While some boys were dreaming of being firemen and policemen, Bobby Pickett was dreaming of making audio dramas (I just made that up, but it’s probably close to the truth). He spent countless hours listening to and enjoying the nuances of Children’s Bible Hour, Focus on the Family Radio Theater, and Jungle Jam. Only unlike some people, he never grew out of enjoying children’s radio; even today he enjoys a good audio drama! So when I asked him about whether or not we could try to do holiness biographical audio dramas, he was excited to try!

Over the last years, he has spent hours setting up an online store, helping create music, downloading apps to help with sound effects, and many other tasks! Not many people  would have the technical savvy, musical ability, sound equipment knowledge, and love for children’s drama to work on this.

Once again, just like when he was young, Bobby has been dreaming of recording. He would like to help holiness artists make their ministries possible. As the leader of Nomad Studios, he has purchased the equipment he has little by little.  There is so much more that he needs, but we serve a big God! This is God’s project, and His work, so we are not fretting. We are just trying to walk through the doors that God opens.

To see other projects that Bobby and Merilee have recorded, go here and listen to These Saints and Our Generation

The Dream…Audio Drama

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